Dark Times.

Say you say, we find ourselves
With something that gets us through
All the blacks and whites
Which may be dark but true.

You’d always say to be someone,
Someone whom you dream about.
But, that’s where I saw that,
That’s what you honey dream about.

I always try to see me your way,
I see myself stronger, but just with a staff.
A staff which is drawn by you,
Or should I say, that are you.

But just an illusion
An illusion of how you see me
Don’t just blend in this body
You’ll hurt yourself for everybody.

Another Cigarette.

She said while she lit another cigarette,
Let’s reduce the amount that we take.
All the toxic life that I’ve had,
Let’s appreciate it for a while.

Brownstone is kinda her forte
Good fortune is what I live upon,
Thousands of thoughts dancing,
Yet one thing that she lives upon.

Whiskey or vodka, take it like a Gin,
Sunrise or sunset I am happy for it.

Morning chirps, or chores?
What do you say about their company?
Why don’t you catch the spirit,
Our world isn’t that numb and naive.

Rock or cavity,
What is this monstrosity.
Waters flowing down,
Caves and long stretch of rocks.

That’s what she said finally at the end,
While she lit yet another cigarette.

Fly High.

Your eyes speak alot
What you don’t,
I don’t fear the tears
Which come from them, for something
That means to you rather
Than what crushes you.

Your dreams are like the birds
Which fly high In the sky
And only come on the
Ground to get hold of the power
That this land offers.

Doesn’t matter if you fail
In that biggest ocean sky
It doesn’t matter if
It’s not high out in the space
Cause what matters is
That you’re flying high.

To achieve the greatest flight
That would take you to
The highest point
Of your dream
Cause not everyone has
The same great point.

Power of Music.

*To all the musicians out there, Happy World Music Day!*

It’s one thing that every person lingers.
That every guitarist has on his fingers.
Getting the very best out of him.

It’s one thing that every person hums,
That every singer, non singer has it,
Stuck to his throat and tongue like a gum.
Getting the very best out of him.

It’s one thing that every person has a beat on.
That every drummer plays to create a beat on.
Getting the very best out of him.

It’s one thing that helps every person to hold on to, in the happiest and even in the darkest times.
That every Bassist plays, to get the others to hold on to, when they need fillers.

It’s the rhythm that every person grooves on.
It’s the rhythm that every person dances on.
It’s the sound that surprises all.
It’s the sound that brings happiness to all.
It’s the sound that brings out the emotion that’s been in the heart of a person or the song.
It’s something that holds, brings new-old people together, to play as one, to be as one.
To create something as one.
That’s the Power of Music.

It is everything that one dreams of, when he/she looks at their role models and gets on the Highway to reach the destination.

*My very own little-big family that rocks my world*


In the fields under the sun
of the Marigolds,
Lived a girl around,
Who wasn’t so bold.

She kinda wasn’t really pretty,
neither really fair.
She did her chores, Daily.
Under that savage sun,
On the fields of Marigolds.

The chores weren’t so usual,
Of what any one would think of.
She sat in between them,
She sang with her heart out.
Everyday, what she wrote.
On the fields of Marigolds.

The birds would gather round her,
Just how the Marigolds would open round.
Not a single chirp when she practiced,
Their silence gave all the background music,
On these fields of Marigolds.

The birds would start their chirping,
As her practice came to an end.
Just as they would, If the world came to an end.
That’s what she is to this world,
To the Mother Nature, they said.
But everyday at home,
Just another girl, who’ll marry, Her Mother said.

woman wearing white shirt and pink floral pants standing at the center of yellow flower field


Minutes feel like it’s been years since we’ve talked,
That’s what connection I have with You.
It’s a feeling that doesn’t come too easy,
With the life which ain’t so peasy.

We’ve met for a reason coz it’s hard
To Say Goodbye, cause our first Hello,
What Filled my heart with Mellow
Well, That means Something.

Power of Love.

*So, this is written in the recent times, the experience of the power of love, is strong.*

Think of the person you really feel alive with,
When you feel low!
That’s the Power of Love.

Feel the pain that can grow into something,
Something that makes you stronger,
And make you big.

That person who really doesn’t know,
What it means when you love,
Well, that’s your own way,
Every person loves different from other.
That’s the Power of Love.

All that you want, All that you have,
Make for it count, and feel the love.
She’d get you down, but you gotta stand up,
That’s the Power Of Love,
Don’t you get it right?

It’s been a long way down,
Even though it’s a short time spent,
You mean the world to me honey,
I’ve got the Power To Love.

I’m writing this song for you,
Trynna make the difference for you,
Ain’t gonna matter to you,
That’s all with the Power To Love,
Well I’ve got the Power of Love Honey.